10 Things I Don’t Like About Living In Hawaii

10 Things I Don't Like About Living In Hawaii

Living in Hawaii is nothing short of paradise. Unbelievable weather, waterfalls, rainbows, scenic views, etc. There are a thousand reasons why I love Hawaii. But today, we’re going to be dropping some truth bombs, and talking about things that aren’t so ideal in paradise.

10 Things I Don’t Like About Living In Hawaii

1. Homeless problem.

It’s unreal. It’s everywhere, and it’s growing. The homeless population consists of both locals, and non-locals. However, the homeless camps all around the island, are dirty, covered in litter, and a huge sight for sore eyes. Pristine beaches are filled with make-shift tents, rubbish, and hard drugs. Meth, crack, ice, etc. Not all homeless people do drugs, obviously. But, there are a lot that do. The island in general has a large drug problem. There are some new shelters being built, but it’s a slow process. Everyone needs a good home, and hopefully there are more solutions coming.

2. Lack of affordable and organic food.

Just me, over here, patiently waiting for Trader Joe’s. Honestly, and Farmers Markets. We need more cheaper + organic + real food. The only options include Costco, Whole Foods, Down to Earth, and Safeway. Costco sometimes is too much food for the 2 of us. For example, I can’t eat 16 organic beets in 2 weeks. Whole Foods + DTE are unrealistically expensive. Safeway is a good option, but it could be better. Some of the prices are insane, and others are manageable. I dream of only going to one grocery store for affordable organic food.

3. Lack of IKEA.

Another store that would be super successful here. There is an abundance of over priced, cheaply made, and outdated furniture. Modern design for affordable price? Sounds like heaven.

4. Traffic.

It’s bad. During daytime/working hours, it’s clear. From 3pm-6pm, it’s hours of bumper to bumper. Currently, the rail is being built, but there are delays, and it’s costing a lot of money to build it. #hurryup #taxpayer

5. Expensive housing.

The housing in Hawaii is expensive. Houses that are falling apart are listed for $500k. The average home cost is rising every single year. The areas that are affordable are sketchy, and have a lot more traffic.

6. Bugs.

Extra big, extra gross. Extra everywhere. ‘Nuf said.

7. Tourists.

The biggest part of what I don’t like about tourists is not the tourists themselves. ( I meet tons at my day job.) It’s the fact that are SO MANY of them. Traffic jams, full parking lots, drivers not paying attention, etc. There are literally so many tourists, it’s hard for locals to enjoy the benefits of our home, or even get to work on time. At our local beach, there has been a major increase in trash. As a world explorer myself, I understand the need for travel and exploration of a foreign place. I appreciate the business they bring, but sometimes it feels like a catch-22.

8. High Calorie, Super Salty Hawaiian Food

Hawaiian food is delicious. But a lot of dishes others are loaded with sodium, preservatives, and questionable ingredients. Spam Musubi anyone? No thanks. Shave ice? Yes please.

9. GMO farms.

Hawaii is a huge testing ground for GMO crops. Between the effects of eating GMO crops, and the major pesticide use, the human and marine life is changing — not in a good way. The runoff from these farms are extremely toxic to us humans, and the underwater ecosystem. On other islands, there are stories of family members dying, having tumors, and cancers, that were never present before.

10. Gyms.

There are only a few fitness centers here on the island. The major one is 24 hour fitness. All of their facilities are outdated, and yet we still pay $30-40/month! The equipment is more or less “up to date”, but the bathroom facilities are a nightmare. For what we pay every month, they should update the showers, fix holes in the walls, and clean more often.

That’s the truth-bomb of 10 Things I Don’t Like About Living in Hawaii. Most of them are small issues, that I can live with, but others need solutions ASAP. Thinking of visiting or moving to Hawaii? Let me know! I’ll be more than happy to answer questions for you.


Creative entrepreneur, photographer, and founder of The Modern Daydream, a lifestyle blog. Kristine is a Michigan girl, currently living in Hawaii.