Modern Daydream Author and Photographer Kristine Kelly

The Modern Daydream is a lifestyle blog with a focus on living the creative life. It’s also a place to get tips + advice on photography, design, health, and fitness.

I’m a daydreamer. I’ve always been. Life outside the norm. Making my own path. I have a creative soul, and a passionate heart. I am driven, and have a free spirit. I’m a rebel with good intentions.

Hi, I’m Kristine. I am a blogger, photographer, and graphic designer. I created this blog to be a resource guide to living the good life. In my eyes, that means following your creative pursuits, living healthy + affordable, and in shape!

If you’re anything like me, then we should talk. 

Let’s learn from each other, and grow as friends. I promise I’m kind of funny. Even if you don’t think my jokes are funny, (they are), then you’ll learn something. (Even if you learn that my jokes aren’t as funny as I think they are.)

I grew up in Michigan until I graduated from high school. I started to recognize a fire in me. A fire to travel + see the world, and experience life in a different way that was laid out for me. I took really big risks, made a lot of mistakes, and lived in a few states. I tried things out. If I didn’t like it, or it wasn’t working, I changed it. The struggle was real sometimes. It was not easy. So here I am, 10 years later living in Hawaii. It’s almost unreal.

Wanna get to know me a little better?

Sign: Pisces
Height: 5’5

Palm trees, massages, planners, limes + lemons, coffee, tea, fresh fruit, clothes, design, gardens, mental health days, yoga, campfire + beach + blankie, succulets, cactus, popsicles

Fake people, soda, hangovers, GMO’s, chemtrails, scary movies, blood, migraines, fast food, cotton mouth, uncomfortable heels, bad breath, bugs

Black, Grey, Olive Green, Mint, Maroon, Rose, Bronze

Nachos. Popcorn. Mac and Cheese.

Greek Salad, load on the beets please.

I will re-write a note list if the handwriting is ugly. I also really enjoy vacuuming, organizing, and cleaning.

Ugly fonts, bad tippers, people who are touchy-feely, and being late.

If you’re thinking all the same thoughts, then say hi. I really like meeting people who are on the same page. We can talk, and hang out, and stuff.