How to Finally See Results from the Gym

How to Finally See Results From the Gym

We’ve all been there… going to the gym week after week, and nothing changes.  We know we need to get exercise, but motivation is shot when results don’t happen fast enough. Well, consider this the end of those times. No more guessing. I’ve searched, talked to badass personal trainers, tried a lot of products, and condensed it all into plain english. These fitness industry secrets, are not only manageable, but affordable.

Flash back to a couple years ago. I was out of shape, clothes started to fit tighter, and I thought getting the body I dreamed of was just not a reality. I was in college, and unable to hire a personal trainer. There wasn’t tons of information online either. No Pinterest, Instagram, nothing. I sure didn’t know anyone showing me how to train my body correctly. But I went to the gym anyways. I was a cardio slave, and avoided any sort of weight because I didn’t want to “bulk”. I thought I knew what I was talking about, but in reality, I had no idea, and I didn’t want to admit it.

After a few weeks, I didn’t enjoy going to the gym. I wasn’t seeing results that I was expecting, I wasn’t motivated, and I gave up.  Truth bomb: I was doing it all wrong.

After I met my boyfriend, who happens to have a 10 pack and almost 0% body fat, my mind started to change. He showed me how to embrace my figure and create a plan for success. I no longer looked at my body in a negative way, and started to change all of my habits. Instead of trying to be “skinny”, I wanted to be strong, lean, and maintain my curves.

Fast forward to today. After years of ignoring his advice, going through my own trial and error, I now understand what works, and am able to see results stat! Whatever your #bodygoals are, follow the steps below and you’ll reach them faster.

How to Finally See Results from the gym!

1. Plan your workouts + follow it.

Whatever your plan is, stick to it. Consistency is everything. Go when you don’t feel like it. Show up when you only have 30 minutes. But also, be realistic. If you are busy right now, then make it your plan to be active 3x a week. When your schedule frees up, then increase it. Do what works for you right now, but always be doing something. Be active more than you are not.

Below is a small sample of my workout plan. There are a lot of different exercises for each body group. Choose 5-7 different exercises, and aim for around an hour workout.

Plan Your Workouts

2. Clean up your diet, for real tho.

Learn how to cook delicious healthy food. Yep! Time to actually take care of yourself. Eating well is 1000x easier if it tastes good. Learn to make healthy substitutes. Craving a juicy burger? Make a black bean burger instead.

3. Lift weight.

I’m not talking about doing body weight squats. Start small, like 20 lbs, and increase when it gets easy. Aim for 10-15 reps. Once you are doing 20 reps, you need to increase your weight. You won’t bulk, unless you are starting really heavy and only doing 4-5 reps. You will burn the fat faster, and get those lean lines. You don’t have to lift crazy weights, like 200 lbs., but you do need to lift something.

I currently squat 90 lbs and my legs are the most toned, and leanest they have ever been! I’m actually lifting heavier, fitting into smaller sizes, and my so called “genetic cellulite” is melting away. TRUTH. Don’t be afraid of weight, just add on slowly. Do what is comfortable and challenge yourself.

4. Fat Burners

Fat burners play such a great role in building your dream body. Taking a fat burner, does not make it ok to eat crap. It does not cancel it out. Fat burners are designed work in conjunction with a workout. If you aren’t working out, they won’t work as well. When you are working out, and taking them, fat burners will push you to the next level of results. Faster, leaner, and stronger. There are tons on the market. I’ve tried probably half.

Make sure to check ingredients. Not all fat burners are the same. There are a lot of options that are chemical shit storms in a bottle.

I am currently taking Oxyshred by EHP labs. It’s my favorite so far, ever. I really love the Passionfruit flavor. It’s so bomb. I’ve noticed more lean definition, and a lower appetite. I like that it’s in a powder versus a pill form. There are others that I have taken that also work well.


Want to learn more? 4 Myths About Fat Burners

5. Pre Workout

In all honesty, I don’t know how I ever successfully completed a workout without this extra boost. I love how it helps me up my mental game. I’m able to push myself to new heights. I’m so lazy tired sometimes all the time, I need the extra boost.

6. Protein

You need to fuel those muscles RIGHT after a gym sesh. Any protein, is fine. I avoid lactose because it gives me hives. I’ve been taking Isopure for a few years. It’s lactose + gluten free. I recently switched to the Chocolate Flavor with Natural Sugar.


Branch Chain Amino Acids. They are the building blocks of muscles. They legit take up 35% of your muscle. That’s a lot. You want to be toned? Build your muscles. It reduces soreness like whoa, and builds your muscles to be lean, strong and dense. Dense muscles mean muscle memory.

It sounds like a lot of supplements. I thought the same thing in the beginning. If you want a body that is strong and toned, then you need to feed it properly. If what you are doing now isn’t working, you need to change up your game. Don’t expect to see results if you don’t put in the time. You did not get the body you have overnight, and you sure won’t get rid of it overnight. But the steps listed above is like pressing the fast forward button.

I spent years being frustrated with my body. I’ve wasted years not having the right education when it comes to working out. Don’t be like the old me. Your goals are attainable. You can do this. Just do it right the first time. Once you obtain your goals, it’s all about maintenance.

On another note, there are a ton of false ideas and judgements about lifting, and working out. But first let me address one super popular idea. ” I don’t want to lift heavy because I don’t want to bulk up. I just want to be toned.” I thought this for years. I was wrong.

Women aren’t designed to have bulky bodies like men. As a woman, you can lift heavy, but you will never be as bulky as a man. To get bulky is a lot of hardwork and dedication. It does not come easy. Those ladies in the body building competitions have been working like that for years. So, you aren’t going to look like them. So get that idea out of your head. #dontflatteryourself #sorrynotsorry #truthbomb

I’ve laid out the building blocks for success. Time to get out of your rut, see results, and finally have the dream body you want!

What are some success that you have had? I want to know what supplments you are taking. What has worked for you, and what have flopped? Tell me in the comments below!


Creative entrepreneur, photographer, and founder of The Modern Daydream, a lifestyle blog. Kristine is a Michigan girl, currently living in Hawaii.