How to Organize Your iphone Apps

How To Organize Your Iphone Apps

My iphone and I totally are BFFS. From taking daily photographs, reading the news, updating instagram, group texting with my family, brain dumping ideas, etc. My phone keeps my life together. I’ll admit that I get a little bit unorganized from time to time. It happens to the best of us. One day everything is manageable, the next is complete chaos. To deal, I delete unused apps, clear my browser history, and reorganize based on what i’ve recently used.

I like my phone screen to be arranged simple and stylish. The best way that I have found to keep all my apps together and accessible, is to use folders. They’re the best. The only apps I don’t put in a folder are the ones I use daily. I also like to update my background to a pretty picture or quote on the reg too. Too much of the same can be so boring.

How to use Folders:

1. Plan which apps you want together such as Photo Editing.

2. Press and hold the app until it wiggles. Drag and Drop on top of another app you want to group. A folder will appear with a title.

3. Edit the title. I abbreviated and added spacing to make it cute. Personally, adding the spacing makes it easier to read.

Do this for how every many you want!

Check out this before and after of my phone!!


How to Not Organize your Iphone How to Not Organize your Iphone



Here’s the folders that I organized my apps:

u t l. // clock, calculater, calendar, weather, app store, etc.

n o t e s // notes, reminders, pocket, dropbox, evernote, ibooks

t u n e s // spotify, pandora, music

p h o t o // my biggest folder, a lot of photo editing apps here.

DAILY ROW // photos, mail, google maps, social folder

s o c i a l // instagram, facebook, snapchat, twitter, pinterest

NEXT SCREEN // I break up my screens because I like the space. I also like to see my background. This space makes my phone clean and functional. This screen has everything I use only sometimes, but is necessary.

u n u s e d // apps  i do not use and cannot delete such as stocks, maps, passport, games

s o c i a l 2 // second social folder that I need but not all the time, poshmark, pages for facebook

e r r a n d s // out and about. cvs, yelp, and local weather

m o n e y // bank, credit card, tmobile app

g y m // OMG gym essentials. run keeper, my 24, hulu, heart monitor

BOTTOM // what I use like 10x a day, contacts, messages, safari, camera

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6 Arrow + Triangle Backgrounds for your Iphone

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  1. Ashley V September 11, 2015
    Just did this to mine and I love it! Thanks! :)

    • moderndaydream September 14, 2015
      Awesome! I love that feeling of clean and organized. It almost makes me feel like I'm getting my life together! LOL.

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