4 Myths about Fat Burners

Thinking about getting a fat burner but don’t know if they actually work? Do you want to build your dream body but don’t want it to take forever? Keep reading for some common fat burner myths and the real truth behind them!

4 Myths About Fat Burners

4 Myths about Fat Burners

There are a handful of myths that surround fat burners from what they do, to the results, and the ingredients involved. Over the years, I have researched, tested and tried dozens. I found some that I like, and some that I would never touch. Below are some myths about fat burners!

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hello twenty eight + 28 Things I’ve Learned in my Twenties

hawaii life

It’s my birthday! I’m officially 28. Holy smokes. Twenty eight is good.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve traveled, explored, loved, laughed, moved across the world, adopted a doggie, made friends, lost frenemies, graduated college, started a blog, started a photography biz, paid off old debt, etc. I still have a steep learning curve, and many more memories to make, but so far, this is what I know.

28 Things I’ve Learned in my Twenties

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