How to Finally See Results from the Gym

How to Finally See Results From the Gym

We’ve all been there… going to the gym week after week, and nothing changes.  We know we need to get exercise, but motivation is shot when results don’t happen fast enough. Well, consider this the end of those times. No more guessing. I’ve searched, talked to badass personal trainers, tried a lot of products, and condensed it all into plain english. These fitness industry secrets, are not only manageable, but affordable.

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Night Beauty Routine

Here is my nightly beauty routine. I keep it simple, but to the point. I like to cleanse, erase wrinkles + stress, protect, and seal with moisture. Every where you turn there is a new product claiming something. Dealing with so many beauty products is just too much for me. #nothanks I have narrowed my favorites down that produce results, have good ingredients, and are not harmful to the planet. See below for my simple nightly beauty routine.

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Morning Beauty Routine

morning beauty routine ideas

In my early 20’s, I worked at a day spa because I wanted to get free massages. It turned out to be an ah-mazing job. Not only did I get promoted to a management position, but I spent 3.5 years absorbing information from the estheticians. I spoke with reps monthly, and had to get trained on all the new products. Basically I was obsessed with the skin and beauty industry. Because of the training I had there, I have learned how to take care of my skin, from the inside and out.

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11 Legit Ways to Save Money

11 Legit Ways To Save Money

A year and a half ago, it was Feb. 2014. My bank account was negative. Officially in the red. I had just quit my day job, and started to pick up shifts at the bar, again. It was slow season, so that means longer hours, and less pay. Awesome. Cash flow was slim after bills each month, which meant I needed to stretch my money in new ways. Almost 9 Months after that I moved across the world. I made it happen. Here are 11 legit ways to save money, just like I did.

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