What is a Parasite Cleanse + Why You Need One ASAP

What is a Parasite Cleanse + Why you need one ASAP
About two years ago, I was researching online and I came across someone talking about a parasite cleanse. I didn’t even know WTF it was. So, I got curious. I dove in a little bit, and was hooked. *insert weeks of research*… I came across this book called, “The Cure for All Diseases”, by Dr. Hulda Clark, p.338ff. (Copyright Notice). It had some really great reviews, and was cheap. I scooped it right up.

I had a million questions, and I’m sure you do too. Do you want to know WTF I am talking about? Read below for some answers.

What is a parasite cleanse? A parasite cleanse is when you rid/cleanse the body of parasites.

Where are these parasites from? They’re commonly found in meat, contaminated water, on/in your pets, and others are blood born in you.

Why should I cleanse? Parasites cause a serious toll on the body, and are the root of a lot of health issues. They take away nutrients that your body needs to protect itself. In doing so, this causes sickness, disease, and ailments. They come in a variety of flavors, (like pork) and each have their own personality. Some feed off red blood cells, causing anemia. The others cause facial swelling, persistent itching, insomnia, indigestion, bloating, dizziness, wheezing, vomiting, etc.

Benefits? Not only does a parasite cleanse been proven to cure Lupus, but you’ll more than likely feel lighter, lose weight, and have clean skin. It also heals diseases, and rashes. You’ll have more energy, improved immune system, and yah, you wont have as many blood sucking parasites in you.

How do I know if I have any? If you are feeling tired, groggy, nauseous, aren’t hungry, have a lot allergies, cramps, bloated, common headaches, then you might consider this cleanse. Also, if you eat ANY meat, do this ASAP.

How often should I cleanse? Aim for 2x/year or every 6 months.

Are there any side effects? There is a possibility that you might feel lethargic or tired at first. According to my research, this is because the parasites like to burrow to escape the herbs. #ew But it’s temporary, and after the first day or 2, you should’t experience anything that’s irregular.

How long is this cleanse?  7 days.

Do I change my diet? Eating clean is always best. Aim for clean protein and wash your veggies!

Parasite Cleanse Ingredients! I need to do this!

What do I need?

Black Walnut Hulls

Additional Colon Cleanse:

Psyllium Husk
Liquid Benonite Clay

What is the colon cleanse? It gets rid of excess buildup in the colon to lose weight, release toxins, improve immune system, and to scrub the walls clean. The Psyllium Husk acts like a sponge, and the Bentonite clay attracts excess heavy metals.

If you’re taking part in the colon cleanse as well, take the clay and husk mixture before you take the herbs. Mix 2 parts water, 1 part Bentonite clay, and 1 tbsp Psyllium Husk. Mix with only a bamboo spoon, or wooden chopstick. The clay will absorb metals from utensils! Make sure you’re always taking these on an empty stomach!

What is the schedule?

Day 1 + 2: Clay Mixture + 1 of each Herb. Empty stomach, before breakfast.

Day 3+4: 1 Clay Mixture, 1 of Black Walnut, 1 Wormwood, 2 Cloves. Before breakfast, and before bedtime.

Day 5+6: 1 Clay Mixture, 2 of Black Walnut, 1 Wormwood, 3 Cloves. Before breakfast, and before bedtime.

Day 7: Clay Mixture + 1 of each Herb. Empty stomach, before breakfast.

What are the benefits of these herbs?

Black Walnut Hull Kill adult worms, and has many other anti-viral properties.
Wormwood- Kill adult worms, reduces swelling and inflammation, packed with anti-oxidants
Clove- Kill eggs, improve digestion, nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant packed.

When all 3 are combined it creates a detox powerhouse and get rid of nasty buildup and toxic matter. So obviously you want to do this cleanse ASAP so you can get rid of the junk straight cruisin’ and causing trouble.

Have you done a parasite cleanse before? How did it go? Would you do it again?




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  1. Deb February 5, 2016
    Definitely plan to do this, as soon as I can buy the herbs. Couple of questions: 1) Will this plan cause frequent trips to the toilet?! & 2) What is "clean protein" and how do you know if protein is "clean" or not? Many thanks, and thank you for the easily understandable plan.

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY February 6, 2016
      Hi Deb! Thanks for the questions! In my experience, and other testimonials, it doesn't cause frequent trips to the bathroom. However, I could see maybe if you were eating fast or fried food before, then it might cause you to get "rid" of it initially. 2. Clean protein is more or less "lean meat". For example, baked/grilled chicken, turkey breast, salmon, fish sashimi style, 90/10+ grass-fed beef. Low fat. On the other side, meat such as pork, in forms of bacon, ham, or sausage have more fat, and are conventionally more processed as well. Aim for grass fed, organic, or cage-free anything. Anything fried like wings, chicken tenders, or cheeseburgers, are to be avoided. I hope this helps! Good luck on your cleanse! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Michelle Rivera April 13, 2016
    Thank you so much for this! The energy healer I see suggested a parasite cleanse and this is a really great resource! Xx

  3. Stephanie Stefancik April 26, 2016
    If I am doing the colon cleanse first, how many days do I do that for before I begin the parasite cleanse?

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY April 26, 2016
      Hi Stephanie! You can do the colon cleanse at the same time as the parasite cleanse. In the schedule portion, it shows the clay mixture. That is the colon part. You mix the clay and the husks together, and chug! Then after you can take the herbs. The colon cleanse is OPTIONAL, but I totally recommend it. The clay mixture acts like a magnetic sponge for detoxing! It absorbs and gently removes toxic build up. You can really do the colon cleanse anytime, but if you are doing the parasite cleanse, just do it together. Hope this helps! Keep in touch!

  4. Sarah green June 8, 2016
    If I buy the products listen do they last for more than one cleanse? Also, did you compare this to other cleanses? There are so many options and opinions it's hard to know which direction to go.

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY August 5, 2016
      I totally understand. Yes, the herbs actually lasted for 4 cleanses. I liked this one because it is simple and there are minimal side effects.

  5. sandra June 13, 2016
    hi, i can't get the bentonite in uk but i do have the rest of herbs and i really want to do the cleanse ASAP. can i do the heavy metal detox another time and now focus only on the de-bugging? and also, the "wormwood combination" contains black walnut leaf. i ordered black walnut hulls from amazon but it will come next week. can i start without it or is it recomended to do all together at once? thank you so much xoxo

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY August 5, 2016
      I would do it all at the same time. But if you can't do the clay, then I wouldn't worry about it.

  6. Mary July 1, 2016
    Hello! How long after taking clay mixture and the pills I can eat? Also , I want to know recipients for the mixture , how much in spoons I should take of each inredients ? Thanks!

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY August 5, 2016
      You can eat right after in the morning. The mixture is the last thing you consume before bed at night. You can compare spoons to tbsps.

  7. Cassidy July 14, 2016
    I was wondering if this is safe for my kids or if maybe I should reduce the dosage? - they are 9 and 11. Thanks!!!

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY August 5, 2016
      I don't see why it wouldn't be safe, but I agree that I would reduce the dosage. Maybe try to google some answers.

  8. Helen wall July 30, 2016
    Can i use dry bentonite clay and is one week enough if you need it bad ?

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY August 5, 2016
      You can, I would dilute it with water. I would say, do 1 week and then rebuild your system. Take probiotics, then do another cycle in a month.

  9. Jessica Delap October 26, 2016
    I've done a parasite cleanse before and got lots of candida out! I would like to add coconut oil and food grade DE to the list of things that are wonderful at killing parasites! Research it!

    • AUTHOR: KRISTINE KELLY January 5, 2017
      Yes! I totally agree that both of those are amazing too. I'm going to be doing yet another parasite cleanse within the next month or two.

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